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YAY! I got my first holiday card of the year! Thank you [ profile] treacle_tartlet for the fabulous cookie Christmas card! It really brightened my day!

Oh, and btw, if any of you are interested I still have few Christmas cards left and if you want one from me go leave your address here (the comments on that entry are screened).

RL still continues to slightly kick me in the head. I'm still unemployed, though the bright side is that I've actually been to three job interviews in two months! Three! *\o/* Before that the last one was in February. Yeah, the summer was really bad on the job front... Let's hope things'll continue to look a bit brighter.

Because I have lots of time on my hands (or at least most days) I've tried to come up with something to post here. I miss posting stuff and my RL issues are not that interesting that all of you would want to read about them all the time. I found this challenge today while browsing Tumblr and thought it looked pretty interesting.

9 day traveling challenge

  1. Which has been the best trip you had. Explain, post pictures, where you went, with who, etc.
  2. Have you ever traveled aboard? Post a picture of where have you traveled. If not, where would you like to go?
  3. Post a picture of your last trip.
  4. Worst trip you had? Why?
  5. Post a picture of any place you wished you could go, explain why you would like to go.
  6. 10 things you always take with you.
  7. 3 places you have gone to but can’t wait to go again.
  8. 2 places you hope you will never have to return to.
  9. Post a picture of any trip, explain when it was, where, with who.

1. Which has been the best trip you had. Explain, post pictures, where you went, with who, etc.

Wow! Way to start with a hard one. I have loved all my trips, especially those to abroad. But if I have to choose one I'd say the trip to Tanzania was the best. Why? Because I have so many wonderful memories from that journey and it was (and still is) something completely different than I have done to date.

Two of my friends, Iris and Heidi, plus me went there as a work placement from school (plus two from local university). We spent a month there helping students in a local vocational school and a week in Zanzibar (our autumn holiday). We were there October-November 2005, i.e. the shittiest months around here re: the weather, the best ones there! :D

The school we spent our time helping:

Tansania 024

The kids there were wonderful! So helpful and always smiling! I'm sure we caused a few smiles, too, when we tried to pronounce the few words of Swahili that we had learnt.

The school work and the time spent there wasn't so time consuming as you'd like to think and we had plenty of time to explore the city we were in (Dar Es Salaam, btw, is a beautiful city). We spent few of our weekends in the island nearby, called Bongoyo, where there were proper beaches. We had to take a ferry to get there, but once there it was like being in a paradise.

Tansania 049

We saw this amazing ship (? boat?) one day on our way there. It was just like a pirate ship, it also had a monkey, too! You can't see the monkey in that picture though. :(

Tansania 042

We even went to a mini Safari! It lasted only a day, but it was enough. We saw so many wild animals there, like lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, monkeys and antilopes.

Tansania 137

We lived two weeks in a motel and two weeks in host families. My family was quite wonderful, Heidi's less so. Most of the time outside school we spent exploring, but when we wanted to just stay inside and relax we were most likely found where Iris's host family was.

As I said, our last week, our holiday, was spent on Zanzibar. So beautiful there! The ride there was very interesting, the boat was brimmed with various things and if the waves had been bigger I'm sure some of them would've fallen over to the sea.

Tansania 285

Tansania 288

Wonderful trip, wonderful memories, millions of photos and something I'd definitely do again!

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