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(Also two posts in a single day, don't think this is a habit now!)

So, I was spending time and browsing as one does when one is bored and I found these two absolutely gems that I just couldn't not share you with you:



These amused me probably more than is healthy, but what the hell, I don't care!
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I've watched plenty of great tv today. First this Monday's How I Met Your Mother (7x09), then last week's The Big Bang Theory (5x08) and last night's episode of Glee (3x05). I don't know how these shows will manage to top those episodes, but I'll definitely stay tuned. So, squeeing commences...

Under LJ cut in case someone doesn't want to be spoiled )
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My brother got engaged! I'm so so so happy for him and his fiancee! He sent me a text message about an hour ago to say:"Wanna be the first one to congratulate?" in which I of course replied congrats and then he asked me if I knew why and I GUESSED CORRECTLY AND I'M SO HAPPY! I was the first one to guess correctly even though I was the last one to receive a text message from them.

Did I mention I'm happy for them? I was the first one to guess correctly, because dear brother sent riddles to all of us. My parents (live separately) received this message each:"I asked and got an of course". Neither of them has yet answered correctly. My mum sent a "Huh?" message back, but bro is teasing her and will not tell her more. Let her figure it out on her own time. My father hasn't replied yet.

We (my bro and me) are now giggling and seeing which one can figure it out first. We are pretty sure mum has gone to our step father to ask what that message means and once again we're pretty sure that he has laughed at her face. She can be quite oblivious sometimes. Step father will most propably help mum at this matter and most likely will just see how long it takes her to figure things out, too. Bro's future sister-in-law got:" Mission accomplished" message, which bro admits is slightly tricky one, but they had talked about it previously so then again no. No correct reply for them yet, either.

They haven't set a date yet, because they can't decide whether to have the wedding in spring or autumn. But I'll get to help, so I'm happy!
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I'm having this crazy craving for a HP fic. If I were a writer I'd write it, but alas I'm not, so... here it goes:

I was reading [ profile] fanficrants few days ago and the topic was once again HP. The rant in question had something to do with Harry and Voldemort and slightly dark!Harry (if I remember correctly) and I thought it would be absolutely hilarious if there was a crack fic where Voldemort didn't actually want to do those bad things that's been shown in canon, but was coerced to do them. I have this image of Voldie somehow being so clumsy that he accidentally murdered people and caused them harm even thought he absolutely did not want and in the end he had to just go with the flow, because people were so scared of him, while he really was just a big lug and hated to do all he did. Did I mention this would have to a crack fic?

Whew! So glad to get that off my chest. This idea has been bugging me for days now.

And if anyone of you lovely people on my flist actually know a fic like this, then I'd be more than happy and would send you endless e-cookies!


May. 13th, 2011 07:39 pm
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I'm not usually a big fan of car commercials, but this Volkswagen commercial just got to me. I guess it appeals, because I'm secretly a geek... Hope it gives you as many giggles as it gave me.

Pon and Zi

May. 4th, 2011 09:31 pm
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Have you by any change already met these little fellas, Pon and Zi? If not, why? If you have then this will serve as a reminder to go look at them again.

Why should you like these, you ask. Well, they are adorable:

More art by Jeff Thomas a.k.a. azuzephre below the cut )

The artist Jeff Thomas has a DeviantArt page and his home page is here. Go and browse some amazing art!


Mar. 25th, 2011 06:50 pm
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I'm a bad girl! Go me!

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Eigth Level of Hell - the Malebolge!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Low
Level 2 (Lustful)High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Very High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)High
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very High
Level 7 (Violent)Very High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Very High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Moderate

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test
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You know the feeling when you are reading something serious or smutty or whatever and along comes this sentence. Sentence that makes you think something completely different.

Yeah, I encountered few of those yesterday. In one fic to make matters worse (well, not worse, but more hilarious). The fic in question was smutty and serious and quite good, too, but I just couldn't get pass those few sentences here and there in the fic. Because, if the sentence reminds you of lines from Monty Python, it just creates images in my head that are in contrast of the original purpose.

I associate the sentence "Would you stand up, please?" with this sketch. In the fic I was reading, this was when one character told the other to stand up so that the first one could get the other's trousers away in order the give a BJ. Ooh, the mental image. I giggled for a few minutes after reading that.

There was another one, but I can't seem to be able to find it right now. I'll ETA if I find it again.
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Because I've got my very first Russian spam bot! This is so exciting!

It even came with complimentary unseeable porn links written in Russia! Unfortunately for you guys I didn't want to infect my laptop with anything, so I didn't click the links, therefore I cannot tell you about the content of the pr0n. But I bet it wasn't worth seeing.

Woohoo! Two and a half years and now I get the first one. I feel like this was some sort of rite of passage and I'm now a proper member of LJ.
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First rule of Fight Club is one never mentions Fight Club...

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I feel like I'm some sort of CSS genius right now. I mean I single-handedly fixed my contextual popups to look more pretty. I'm so proud of myself. And don't they look pretty? At least I think so. XD

So, Glee. Been watching it and I have to say I'm glad I'm not in high school anymore. Whew! Was I awkward back then? Hell yes! Was I someone who dearly would've wanted to melt in to the walls in case someone (not specific) was paying attention to me? You betcha. Was I bullied? Oh yeah. So, even though the show's pretty great to watch I continuously get these flash-back to my youth and I don't particularly want to live in the past. There is a reason it's in the past. A good reason. And yeah, I've seen the first four episodes of Glee and I can tell you my favourite is Kurt. He's so pretty. *squishes him*

My mother's coming up tomorrow and I have to clean. If I can manage that. It's still awfully hot around here. My fan (who I just now decided to call Myfanwy) has been on 24/7 and despite that it's frigging hot! So if it is even few degrees colder tomorrow I have to at the very least do the dishes. Or not. We'll see. My mother's around just for a quick visit as I left accidentally some things there during my last visit. Sigh. She has her holiday now and I spent almost all of the last week there and visiting my father and grand mother and now she's here. I left three days ago! Those things weren't so important. *shakes head*

Okay, enough of ranting. I'm gonna go and watch some more Glee and not do my school assigments.
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So, running. Running. Rrrrrrunniiiiinnnng. Yeah, I do that. both elongating the words and running. Not at the same time though. Although.... Hmmm. So, about running. I've started running. What a stupid looking word it is. Almost like runt-ing. Damn mind! Back to the business! Not that runt-ing is a word. Hemhem! Let's start again, shall we?

So, I've started running. I needed something to do as I've got no summer job and I don't feel like doing school assigments all summer. So, running it is. The last time I was running as running for the exercise not running for the bus was mmm... about ten years ago. So, you can just imagine how my body has coped with this during this summer. Yeah, not so well. I've once again discovered muscles that I had no knowledge of and developed almost hate like feeling for my shower (the water isn't refreshing enough, damn you shower!). So all in all not very good start. But start none the less! Yay me!

Today I went shopping. I shopped 'til I dropped (what is with me today?) for some new gear and yeah! Found it. I am now a proud owner of brand new running shoes (my last ones were so bad I stopped running for almost two weeks) and new trousers that I can use til autumn. I also bought new sports bras, because my old ones were a bit small and let me tell you, it's a bit distracting to run when you notice something else bouncing along with you! So there!

Went running today after all the shopping, because apparently I still had excess energy (all gone now ) and wow! The difference was huge! I really love my new shoes. They are much more comfy than the last ones that I almost felt like I was flying. Atleast for the first half of the journey, but it's all good now, because I'VE GOT ME SOME NEW SHOES!!!
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I just realised that there were FIVE people by the name of Jack Harkness wandering (well, slightly worng word choice, but you know what I mean) in the 1941!!! FIVE!!! The original Captain Jack Harkness, the one meeting the Doctor and Rose, the one waiting for the Doctor in vain, the one under ground and the one with Toshiko!

So all these Jack's out there. Oh yeah! Let's party like there's no tomorrow. RTD, what were you thinking?

Pictorial evidence here )

I wonder if JB was slightly confused when considering in how many places he was at the same time. And how come this was not the cause of a HUGE paradox? And I definitely want to remember this when watching the Captain Jack Harkness episode again...
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Okay, so I'm watching Doctor Who Confidential from the fourth season and guess what I just realised. That I'm so stupid for not figuring this out. It's the Midnight episode now and while I was watching it I knew there was something familiar with this Jethro character. Oh god I feel so, so stupid! Of course he's Merlin! Even I know some of the actors from that series even though I haven't watched a single episode. Now I think I propably should, 'cause he's such a cutie! You know what, I actually had to go to Wikipedia to check out the actor's name and then it just clicked and now... I'm just shaking my head and tutting to myself.
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How can this man be this funny? Seriously, it boggles my mind.

I'll let the clips speak for themselves.

Did someone say camp? )

John's reaction is marvelous )

Gay-off )

And this one (couldn't embed it, darn!).

Night out

May. 8th, 2010 01:47 pm
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So, I was out last night with my friends. It was all like:" Hello there night air! Long time no see!" Unbelievable amount of time has passed when I'd been enjoying the "night life" here. Have to do this again. No idea when but someday again.

So, about last night. I consider it a success when I'm compared to a very popular singer in her youth. Also, it's always nice to hear that I'm the most beautiful woman in the room. Very nice in fact. I'm not certain where the whole quoting-you-song-lyrics stuff will rank. I was actually afraid he's going to burst into a song for a while. There were multiple other things, too, that I have to decide whether they were good or not. Like telling me that it's an enormous amount of hard work not to stare at my tits. And continuing that with: "Can you see that my eyes have not wandered off from your eyes? Not to your quite frankly amazing and full titties." Yeah. The jury has not reached a verdict yet.

Oh, and just so that you know nothing can come from that... I don't do men that are the same age as my father. No way. But it was very flattering listening to him babble drunkenly. It did my confidence a world of good to hear those facts. So all in all a very succesful and amusing night out.


Apr. 25th, 2010 05:04 pm
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Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! I've just fallen in love with Gareth David-Lloyd even more than I did previously. My crush on him knows no bounds. All my future crushes will be now on measured on the GDL-o-meter.

The reason for this? I just listened The Sin Eater audiobook which Gareth reads. And thank you who ever decides our fate that I live alone, because I'm sure I was a sight to see. From giggling to drooling in .2 seconds!

I have a vague knowledge of what that story was about, but any details... No recollection whatsoever. I just listened to his lovely voice, so sexy, so hypnotising, so guh!!!!

Okay, and now I'm beginning to get the point that Jenna tried to tell me few weeks back. I really do have enormous... let's call it a crush shall we... "crush" to anyone who speak English to my direction.

I'm so pathetic!


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