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Nov. 16th, 2012 07:30 pm
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Things I've been thinking lately (don't ask why, my brain is a strange place):
  • If Tony Stark is genderbent, where is her arc reactor located? If above the tits: too high, too close to neck and too far a way to be effective to prevent the shrapnel entering her heart (as far as I know at least); if where it is on male Tony Stark, wouldn't that just push her tits away from each other and be extremely uncomfortable being the size it is...
  • It is said (at least in fanon) that Hulk's/Bruce Banner's bodily fluids are toxic/dangerous to others and having sex without condom is not advisable... So, where does that leave kissing?
Whew! Glad to have those of my chest...
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Could you please stop using words like lame and retarded? I physically cringe everytime I see those words and backpedal the f**k out of that story. I really would like to read more stories, but I don't want to see ableist words in them.

Thank you!
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Must remember this:

Do not trust Joss Whedon or RTD. They only break your heart!

For those who want to know I have recently watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long blog. I cried.

Also I really like Neil Patrick Harris. He's one awesome actor! Okay, now back to working on my thesis.
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I'm having this crazy craving for a HP fic. If I were a writer I'd write it, but alas I'm not, so... here it goes:

I was reading [ profile] fanficrants few days ago and the topic was once again HP. The rant in question had something to do with Harry and Voldemort and slightly dark!Harry (if I remember correctly) and I thought it would be absolutely hilarious if there was a crack fic where Voldemort didn't actually want to do those bad things that's been shown in canon, but was coerced to do them. I have this image of Voldie somehow being so clumsy that he accidentally murdered people and caused them harm even thought he absolutely did not want and in the end he had to just go with the flow, because people were so scared of him, while he really was just a big lug and hated to do all he did. Did I mention this would have to a crack fic?

Whew! So glad to get that off my chest. This idea has been bugging me for days now.

And if anyone of you lovely people on my flist actually know a fic like this, then I'd be more than happy and would send you endless e-cookies!
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Any one interested in buying (/or swapping) one or two teeshirts that I got from the last Grab Bag round on Teefury. Both are women's size L, tight fit, never used. Just got them today in fact.

If you're interested, PM me.

I love both shirts, but they just aren't the kinds I'd wear. I'd very dearly see them in new homes with owners who'll appreciate them.

ETA. Only the Clockwork Orange shirt is free atm as the owl one has been reserved.

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Apr. 13th, 2011 06:42 pm
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Got my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows dvd today! Went out to the shops just so I could buy it. Bought the dvd and am now about to watch it.

On the other hand I'm quite upset that there was only 1-disc dvds available, no dual disc versions (don't have anything to play the blurays with, those had extras, grrr!). So, that means fewer extras (if at all)! There's just two: one short doc about the audio of the movie and deleted scenes! Really, wth?

That means I have to dig up the missing extras some other way... Any ideas?


Mar. 16th, 2011 12:10 pm
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If a man likes a man or a woman likes a woman it's nobody's business to say it's wrong or perverted or to bully them because of it! Fucking grown up society! As long as it is consented on both parties it's really no one else's business than theirs.

This was brought to you by a recent study in my country where at least third of gay men and women have been bullied because of their sexuality! I think the percentage is much higher, unfortunately.



Mar. 12th, 2011 04:48 pm
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Banner by [ profile] xmaidelx

Terrible things are happening all around the world right now. I think there should be something we all could do about it, be it donating or offering for donations. At least send out all your positive thoughts for people out there, be it Japan, Libya or wherever.

Let's do something positive to cancel out all those horrible things.
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I hate headaches! I really do! I know it's stress related, because for the last two, three weeks I've been trying to tie up my school work and assignments I still have and work placement and all the necessary documents in triplicate and my thesis and... graah! I just want it to stop for a second so I could, you know, maybe relax for a while. Why does everything has to pile up like this? Why can it not just be smooth sailing through uni? Yeah yeah, I know, because this is life. And it sucks every once in a while.

I know my TW rec lists have been neglected, too, but I promise I will take better care of them once my work placement starts next week when I hopefully have more free time. I at least intend to update those lists. I have a few completely new ones, too, like long lived Ianto and fluff.

So, let's hope I find that free time somewhere or I don't know what I'll do...
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Okay, I'm sure I'm going to whine and moan about this more on this upcoming winter, but I HATE WINTER! I really do! It's cold and snow-y and cold and wet and did I mention cold?

It's the second time this autumn (do I really have to say winter now?) that there's snow on the ground. The first time was a few weeks back. Fortunately, I already have winter tyres on my car so I don't have to panic about that, too.

If I have to pick one good side of winter I have to say the scenery. Because it looks like this:

I mean is that beautiful or beautiful?

I hate RL

Oct. 5th, 2010 06:34 pm
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I have been trying to post more categories on my Torchwood rec list, but RL bugs the shit out of me at the moment. Uni mainly, but also Christmas (oh, shut up, I start early), my upcoming birthday (I don't like turning older and don't want the reminder of being a year older once again) and general annoyance.

I'm fairly sure I can continue the rec list in two weeks time or this month at least. I have plenty of categories (e.g. The Amazing Rhys, Domination and submission, mPreg, immortal!Ianto, fluff, angst and plenty more), but I have to find the time to make a list out of them.

Okay, I have to go back cleaning and baking. I HATE BIRTHDAYS!!!
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ETA: Okay, so apparently tinypic loves me once again as my layout is looking as it should. We'll see how long this situation lasts...
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It always amuses me when people ask where I live and I answer with the city's name. Then they ask where there and I reply. What usually happens next is that the person asking the questions does not know where that particular district is and then wants to know the approximate location. I reply with the location of the hospital, which is this region's biggest, btw, and still they continue looking like I'm speaking some strange language or am desribing the geography of Mars. Sigh. Well, I still try to continue and point out a sport centre. Again, no clue on the questioner's face. My last resort is telling them that I live on the right side of the city when you come from a particular direction with a car driving on a motorway that splits the city. There. Deep sigh.

What I really don't get is WHY these people are asking me the precise location of where I live when they actually have no knowledge whatsoever of my city. And this has happened more times than I can count. Goddess, give me strength...
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I feel like I'm some sort of CSS genius right now. I mean I single-handedly fixed my contextual popups to look more pretty. I'm so proud of myself. And don't they look pretty? At least I think so. XD

So, Glee. Been watching it and I have to say I'm glad I'm not in high school anymore. Whew! Was I awkward back then? Hell yes! Was I someone who dearly would've wanted to melt in to the walls in case someone (not specific) was paying attention to me? You betcha. Was I bullied? Oh yeah. So, even though the show's pretty great to watch I continuously get these flash-back to my youth and I don't particularly want to live in the past. There is a reason it's in the past. A good reason. And yeah, I've seen the first four episodes of Glee and I can tell you my favourite is Kurt. He's so pretty. *squishes him*

My mother's coming up tomorrow and I have to clean. If I can manage that. It's still awfully hot around here. My fan (who I just now decided to call Myfanwy) has been on 24/7 and despite that it's frigging hot! So if it is even few degrees colder tomorrow I have to at the very least do the dishes. Or not. We'll see. My mother's around just for a quick visit as I left accidentally some things there during my last visit. Sigh. She has her holiday now and I spent almost all of the last week there and visiting my father and grand mother and now she's here. I left three days ago! Those things weren't so important. *shakes head*

Okay, enough of ranting. I'm gonna go and watch some more Glee and not do my school assigments.
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So, running. Running. Rrrrrrunniiiiinnnng. Yeah, I do that. both elongating the words and running. Not at the same time though. Although.... Hmmm. So, about running. I've started running. What a stupid looking word it is. Almost like runt-ing. Damn mind! Back to the business! Not that runt-ing is a word. Hemhem! Let's start again, shall we?

So, I've started running. I needed something to do as I've got no summer job and I don't feel like doing school assigments all summer. So, running it is. The last time I was running as running for the exercise not running for the bus was mmm... about ten years ago. So, you can just imagine how my body has coped with this during this summer. Yeah, not so well. I've once again discovered muscles that I had no knowledge of and developed almost hate like feeling for my shower (the water isn't refreshing enough, damn you shower!). So all in all not very good start. But start none the less! Yay me!

Today I went shopping. I shopped 'til I dropped (what is with me today?) for some new gear and yeah! Found it. I am now a proud owner of brand new running shoes (my last ones were so bad I stopped running for almost two weeks) and new trousers that I can use til autumn. I also bought new sports bras, because my old ones were a bit small and let me tell you, it's a bit distracting to run when you notice something else bouncing along with you! So there!

Went running today after all the shopping, because apparently I still had excess energy (all gone now ) and wow! The difference was huge! I really love my new shoes. They are much more comfy than the last ones that I almost felt like I was flying. Atleast for the first half of the journey, but it's all good now, because I'VE GOT ME SOME NEW SHOES!!!


Jun. 22nd, 2010 04:52 pm
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WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???? I honestly have done nothing today exapt weep, weep and weep. Reading about someone dying: crying. Thinking about the work amount I have for the summer: crying again. Thinking about something inane like someone kicking puppies: here comes the water works! Hearing the neighbour's baby cry: me, too. I really wish this would end. My hormones are all over the place and I don't want them to be. They have no real reason to be there!!! Someone end this!
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Okay, so I'm watching Doctor Who Confidential from the fourth season and guess what I just realised. That I'm so stupid for not figuring this out. It's the Midnight episode now and while I was watching it I knew there was something familiar with this Jethro character. Oh god I feel so, so stupid! Of course he's Merlin! Even I know some of the actors from that series even though I haven't watched a single episode. Now I think I propably should, 'cause he's such a cutie! You know what, I actually had to go to Wikipedia to check out the actor's name and then it just clicked and now... I'm just shaking my head and tutting to myself.
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I really have no words. Really. Other than incomprehendingly mumbling something along the lines of: "Whutwhutwhut???? No. Huh? Hmm. Oh. Really? Gawd. Whut?" All because of THIS. Go read and just.... I don't know. Do whatever you like. Just. IDK. I give up.

Damn it!

May. 17th, 2010 08:22 pm
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So it seems like it's my turn this summer to be unemployed. Pity. Well, less of the pity, more of the BUGGER! But looking on the bright side I'll have plenty of time to do various things that I've not have had time for... few years? But on the other hand, where'll I get the money to do these various things? I'd like to go and see my father whom I've not seen for a long time who lives quite a far away from mine (more than three hours in the car if you break the speed limit). I'd like to actually have a carefree summer just doing nothing, but once again with what money? Students don't have that much of savings on them and usually I try to earn my spendings on summer period so that I could study full-time and not care about leaving for school in the mornings and straight after that to work and by the time is ten in the evening you have the first chance to be at home (after leaving in the morning). Been there, done that. Don't want to go there anymore.

So the current situation is quite stressing to me and I'm almost at the point where I start to pull my hair. And I love my hair! I don't want to loose it.

Well, the hope lives. At least I have to think that way. Otherwise I'll go crazy.


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