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I'm having this crazy craving for a HP fic. If I were a writer I'd write it, but alas I'm not, so... here it goes:

I was reading [ profile] fanficrants few days ago and the topic was once again HP. The rant in question had something to do with Harry and Voldemort and slightly dark!Harry (if I remember correctly) and I thought it would be absolutely hilarious if there was a crack fic where Voldemort didn't actually want to do those bad things that's been shown in canon, but was coerced to do them. I have this image of Voldie somehow being so clumsy that he accidentally murdered people and caused them harm even thought he absolutely did not want and in the end he had to just go with the flow, because people were so scared of him, while he really was just a big lug and hated to do all he did. Did I mention this would have to a crack fic?

Whew! So glad to get that off my chest. This idea has been bugging me for days now.

And if anyone of you lovely people on my flist actually know a fic like this, then I'd be more than happy and would send you endless e-cookies!


Apr. 13th, 2011 06:42 pm
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Got my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows dvd today! Went out to the shops just so I could buy it. Bought the dvd and am now about to watch it.

On the other hand I'm quite upset that there was only 1-disc dvds available, no dual disc versions (don't have anything to play the blurays with, those had extras, grrr!). So, that means fewer extras (if at all)! There's just two: one short doc about the audio of the movie and deleted scenes! Really, wth?

That means I have to dig up the missing extras some other way... Any ideas?
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So, here we have my themed list of recommendations. I will update this list as I read more.

Torchwood recs, this way )

Harry Potter recs, this way )

If you think I've missed some important fic, let me know!

If you do not want me to have your fic recced here let me know...


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