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Okay. So clearly I have no life whatsoever and I'm very pathetic. My reasoning follows:

1) I watched the whole season one of The Big Bang Theory yesterday. If that wasn't so bad what makes it bad is that I watched them in a row. So I had a marathon of TBBT. One could say I OD'd on the series, but that is not possible. One could never have enough of Sheldon (oh, I do love him)! And now I'm waiting eagerly for the season two to arrive so I could watch them all!!!!
2) It was Friday night yesterday. I am a student. There was a party. I never went even though I promised. I elected to stay home and watch TBBT instead. And I have been making these kind of excuses for far too long now. I'm beginning to think I'm turning into a social recluse. Yay! No wonder I'm single at the moment. I would much more stay at home and watch tv or movies than go out and socialize. Oh, and let's not forget about LJ, my flist is really killing me with the awesomeness.

I got new meds yesterday for insomnia. Yay me! They are definitely needed. It is really rather hard to go to the uni everyday when you have had less than four hours of sleep. I had to call my friends twice this week that I would not be coming to school as I think I would've just dozed off in the first hour. Yeah! Not so cool to drool on the desk.
So, Thursday evening or rather Friday (it was 2 a.m.) I booked an appointment with a doctor. Thank god for the Internet for making that possible! The doctor prescripted me anti-depressants, as in small doses they apparently make you sleepy. I slept 'round the clock! Without disturbances! That in itself is a small miracle for me. So, let's hope the new meds will continue to help me to get sleep! *fingers crossed*


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