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Nov. 16th, 2012 07:30 pm
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Things I've been thinking lately (don't ask why, my brain is a strange place):
  • If Tony Stark is genderbent, where is her arc reactor located? If above the tits: too high, too close to neck and too far a way to be effective to prevent the shrapnel entering her heart (as far as I know at least); if where it is on male Tony Stark, wouldn't that just push her tits away from each other and be extremely uncomfortable being the size it is...
  • It is said (at least in fanon) that Hulk's/Bruce Banner's bodily fluids are toxic/dangerous to others and having sex without condom is not advisable... So, where does that leave kissing?
Whew! Glad to have those of my chest...
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I have been listening to music quite a bit lately. Few songs in particular caught my attention and sparked memories.

Music has always been very much like a soundtrack for me and my life. I always remember when I was reading Alexandre Dumas Sr.'s Three Musketeers and listening to Celine Dion's Let's Talk About Love (1997 was when I read it for the first time, I was fourteen). I still can listen to the album and remember exactly the bit I was reading at the time and vice versa. Music has always brought very strong associations in me and I kinda love it.

But sometimes it isn't as nice as I'd wanted it to be. There are two songs in particular, at least that I can think of right now (there must be more). I remember being in something like 7th grade and we were shown a video about drug use. I won't describe the particular bit that was shown at the moment, but it wasn't pretty. It was about satanism or something. *sigh* Of course they had to enhance the experience and add music. Namely Carmina Burana. I still can't listen to that song without associating it with drug use and that bit of the video. *shudder*

Also, when I was very little, I still don't know why, but for some inexplicable reason I was deathly afraid of the song Popcorn. You know, this one:

I really have no idea why, but I remember one instance when I heard the song come from the tv and running to my room and hiding in my bed beneath the plankets. I must've been something like four or five.

I still don't care for those two song very much even though I can appreciate them. I'm no longer afraid of Popcorn, it just never will be my favourite song (but I still think there's something sinister about it *shifty eyes*). And of course there are plenty of songs that I have positive associations with, more than that whole Celine Dion album, but it's usually the bad things that bring out the more violent reactions. Like hearing Carmina Burana today. It will always bring memories.

Whew! Glad to get that off my chest!
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It always amuses me when people ask where I live and I answer with the city's name. Then they ask where there and I reply. What usually happens next is that the person asking the questions does not know where that particular district is and then wants to know the approximate location. I reply with the location of the hospital, which is this region's biggest, btw, and still they continue looking like I'm speaking some strange language or am desribing the geography of Mars. Sigh. Well, I still try to continue and point out a sport centre. Again, no clue on the questioner's face. My last resort is telling them that I live on the right side of the city when you come from a particular direction with a car driving on a motorway that splits the city. There. Deep sigh.

What I really don't get is WHY these people are asking me the precise location of where I live when they actually have no knowledge whatsoever of my city. And this has happened more times than I can count. Goddess, give me strength...
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So, running. Running. Rrrrrrunniiiiinnnng. Yeah, I do that. both elongating the words and running. Not at the same time though. Although.... Hmmm. So, about running. I've started running. What a stupid looking word it is. Almost like runt-ing. Damn mind! Back to the business! Not that runt-ing is a word. Hemhem! Let's start again, shall we?

So, I've started running. I needed something to do as I've got no summer job and I don't feel like doing school assigments all summer. So, running it is. The last time I was running as running for the exercise not running for the bus was mmm... about ten years ago. So, you can just imagine how my body has coped with this during this summer. Yeah, not so well. I've once again discovered muscles that I had no knowledge of and developed almost hate like feeling for my shower (the water isn't refreshing enough, damn you shower!). So all in all not very good start. But start none the less! Yay me!

Today I went shopping. I shopped 'til I dropped (what is with me today?) for some new gear and yeah! Found it. I am now a proud owner of brand new running shoes (my last ones were so bad I stopped running for almost two weeks) and new trousers that I can use til autumn. I also bought new sports bras, because my old ones were a bit small and let me tell you, it's a bit distracting to run when you notice something else bouncing along with you! So there!

Went running today after all the shopping, because apparently I still had excess energy (all gone now ) and wow! The difference was huge! I really love my new shoes. They are much more comfy than the last ones that I almost felt like I was flying. Atleast for the first half of the journey, but it's all good now, because I'VE GOT ME SOME NEW SHOES!!!
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I just realised that there were FIVE people by the name of Jack Harkness wandering (well, slightly worng word choice, but you know what I mean) in the 1941!!! FIVE!!! The original Captain Jack Harkness, the one meeting the Doctor and Rose, the one waiting for the Doctor in vain, the one under ground and the one with Toshiko!

So all these Jack's out there. Oh yeah! Let's party like there's no tomorrow. RTD, what were you thinking?

Pictorial evidence here )

I wonder if JB was slightly confused when considering in how many places he was at the same time. And how come this was not the cause of a HUGE paradox? And I definitely want to remember this when watching the Captain Jack Harkness episode again...


Jun. 20th, 2010 02:27 am
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Why am I reading everything out loud? Why? Well, to be honest I'm the only one who is bothered by it as I live alone. But is it a sign of something, idk, that I'm now also arguing with myself?

Plus, my hands are all Donna Noble!

Night out

May. 8th, 2010 01:47 pm
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So, I was out last night with my friends. It was all like:" Hello there night air! Long time no see!" Unbelievable amount of time has passed when I'd been enjoying the "night life" here. Have to do this again. No idea when but someday again.

So, about last night. I consider it a success when I'm compared to a very popular singer in her youth. Also, it's always nice to hear that I'm the most beautiful woman in the room. Very nice in fact. I'm not certain where the whole quoting-you-song-lyrics stuff will rank. I was actually afraid he's going to burst into a song for a while. There were multiple other things, too, that I have to decide whether they were good or not. Like telling me that it's an enormous amount of hard work not to stare at my tits. And continuing that with: "Can you see that my eyes have not wandered off from your eyes? Not to your quite frankly amazing and full titties." Yeah. The jury has not reached a verdict yet.

Oh, and just so that you know nothing can come from that... I don't do men that are the same age as my father. No way. But it was very flattering listening to him babble drunkenly. It did my confidence a world of good to hear those facts. So all in all a very succesful and amusing night out.
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If I want to add a picture to my header (is that the right word? on the top of my lj anyway), then what should I do? I know there probably are commands I'm supposed to know and use, but what? I have these three pictures I want to put on top of my page and I don't know how. And the pics need some... fixing, too. Can anyone tell me where I could find help with this?
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Sorry I have not updated my LJ for a while now. It really as been a bit hectic for me. I am studying at uni and at the same time working part-time to get some more money. Well, this all have been fine and dandy as my schedule hasn't been that awful, but that's all going to change now. Unfortunately.
For some reason only known to the execs I my school I have not been given that many courses this semester. I really don't know why and they won't tell us. My credits have been an all time low, by barely scraping to get 10 credit points this semester. That is not a good thing at all! And if we are to believe the schedule we have been given at the start of the year I should have to take and accomplish 38 credit points next semester! That means I would have to be at the school Mon-Fri from 8 am. to 6 pm. and possibly some Saturdays as well.
That also translates into not having enough time to work part-time and having to quit. I really liked having a bit of extra money so that I didn't have to count every penny when going to shop the groceries, but alas, that is apparently what I will have to do in the future. Oh I will take the student loan, but still that is half (per month) of what I was earning when working.
Life is so full of shit right now!

Whew! Glad to have that out in the open.
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It looks like black and white photograph outside, it's that dark there. The stormy clouds look menacing and the atmosphere is generally just... not happy. Just a few moments ago the clouds were light grey, now they are dark grey. It was also rather windy last night and in the morning there still was several hundreds of houses out of electricity. Let's just hope the electricity stays in this area so I don't have to spend my evening reading in the candle light.
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I feel so tranquil at the moment. I'm lying (or just was, writing is rather difficult to do while being in the horizontal position) and gazing outside of the window. There are few clouds in the sky and the wind up there is minimal and it's just so relaxing just stare at the sky and the formations of the clouds. I could go outside and enjoy the day there, but it's too damn hot for it.


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