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May. 17th, 2010 08:22 pm
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So it seems like it's my turn this summer to be unemployed. Pity. Well, less of the pity, more of the BUGGER! But looking on the bright side I'll have plenty of time to do various things that I've not have had time for... few years? But on the other hand, where'll I get the money to do these various things? I'd like to go and see my father whom I've not seen for a long time who lives quite a far away from mine (more than three hours in the car if you break the speed limit). I'd like to actually have a carefree summer just doing nothing, but once again with what money? Students don't have that much of savings on them and usually I try to earn my spendings on summer period so that I could study full-time and not care about leaving for school in the mornings and straight after that to work and by the time is ten in the evening you have the first chance to be at home (after leaving in the morning). Been there, done that. Don't want to go there anymore.

So the current situation is quite stressing to me and I'm almost at the point where I start to pull my hair. And I love my hair! I don't want to loose it.

Well, the hope lives. At least I have to think that way. Otherwise I'll go crazy.


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