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So, running. Running. Rrrrrrunniiiiinnnng. Yeah, I do that. both elongating the words and running. Not at the same time though. Although.... Hmmm. So, about running. I've started running. What a stupid looking word it is. Almost like runt-ing. Damn mind! Back to the business! Not that runt-ing is a word. Hemhem! Let's start again, shall we?

So, I've started running. I needed something to do as I've got no summer job and I don't feel like doing school assigments all summer. So, running it is. The last time I was running as running for the exercise not running for the bus was mmm... about ten years ago. So, you can just imagine how my body has coped with this during this summer. Yeah, not so well. I've once again discovered muscles that I had no knowledge of and developed almost hate like feeling for my shower (the water isn't refreshing enough, damn you shower!). So all in all not very good start. But start none the less! Yay me!

Today I went shopping. I shopped 'til I dropped (what is with me today?) for some new gear and yeah! Found it. I am now a proud owner of brand new running shoes (my last ones were so bad I stopped running for almost two weeks) and new trousers that I can use til autumn. I also bought new sports bras, because my old ones were a bit small and let me tell you, it's a bit distracting to run when you notice something else bouncing along with you! So there!

Went running today after all the shopping, because apparently I still had excess energy (all gone now ) and wow! The difference was huge! I really love my new shoes. They are much more comfy than the last ones that I almost felt like I was flying. Atleast for the first half of the journey, but it's all good now, because I'VE GOT ME SOME NEW SHOES!!!
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